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Our Projects

New & Ongoing Projects

There is always work to do on the farm and most of of furry, hairy and feathered friends love to help out. Below is a selection of our projects, new and old, small and large, but all extremely useful. Some projects are more labour-intensive than others but the effort is so worthwhile, especially when we are recycling broken or unwanted materials.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like more information about any of the projects on this page. We are always happy to share our knowledge and experiences. Better still, why not come and visit? Book a week or two in and stay in our luxury self-catering gite, La Bergerie, and enjoy a working holiday here at ferme du Bourdicou.

Upcycling & Recycling

Wardrobe Chicken House

Soil Seed Pots

We have been busy making soil blocks to planting our seeds in. Wherever possible, our aim is to not use any plastic containers with our seeds. The small soil blocks fit into the bigger blocks for ongoing planting.

Our Latest projects
our projects

Bee Happy!

Finally, we can share with you the wonderful news about our new bee hives. We couldn’t do this sooner because sometimes, when bees are first introduced to a new hive they don’t stay around. So we are really pleased to have created the right environment for them to want to stay at Bourdicou. And we now have two hives.

our projects

Recycled Pallets & A Trampoline

We have made another chicken coop from old wooden pallets. Looks great doesn’t it? All the chucks love it too.

Recently, as an extra treat, we made a new roosting area for them from an old trampoline. As you can see, it had to undergo some very rigorous quality assurance before it passed the ‘Ouessant’ test.

No sheep or chickens were harmed during this test phase!

our projects

Protecting New Plants from Frost

We gathered a lot of fallen leaves to mulch our plants, and just in time too, because we recently had several days of harsh frosts.

Now we just need to fill the wire mesh walls with straw to insulate against cold and heat.

You can see that we have hung bottles of water on some of the branches of the fruit trees. This is so that the branches grow down, making it a lot easier to pick the fruit.

cob house - one of our projects that reused soil dug out from the wallipini

The Cob House

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