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Visit La Ferme du Bourdicou.. there’s so much to see and do!

Small-Scale Farming Striving to be Self-Sufficient

Nurtured By Nature

Based in the Occitanie region of France, La Ferme du Bourdicou is a small-scale farm practising Holistic Management. We use a whole farm planning system to manage our agricultural and livestock resources to reap sustainable environmental benefits. And we do this without using any synthetic fertilizers, fungicides, pesticides, GMOs or glyphosate.

Without a doubt, animals play an integral role in enabling us to become self-sufficient. Our livestock spend their days grazing on a diverse range of plants as they move across the landscape. They enjoy a healthy, stress-free life while regenerating the soil and creating fertile land. We believe animals and humans can coexist harmoniously in this life-nurturing environment and that we will sustain a richer quality of life far into the future.

At Ferme du Bourdicou, we also have a simple philosophy. What we do here must be respectful to nature and inclusive for everyone. And, equally important – it must be FUN doing it!

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Our Farm

Life on the Farm

Ferme du Bourdicou sits on approximately 2.5 hectares of land. This is divided into several areas where we use different farming techniques, such as rotational grazing and agroforestry.

Our Shop

From Farm to Shop

Nothing on our farm goes to waste. Most of the crops we grow feed us and the livestock. Some of our farm-fresh produce and homemade goods are also available for you to buy from our Farm Gate shop or online.

Gite Open Plan Kitchen, Dining and Living area

Stay on the Farm

Our two bedroom, family-sized La Bergerie holiday gite offers luxury open plan living space and private pool. Relax in the beautiful tranquil garden and enjoy the surrounding nature. Do as much or as little as you want.

Proud to be awarded Zero Waste Certification for both areas of our business

Man standing in a field surrounded by small farmyard animals - chickens of different colours and small brown Ouessant sheep. A rare small French breed of sheep

“The animals.. will charm your socks off.”

Lovely and welcoming farm using sustainable techniques such as rainwater harvesting (check out the pillow tanks!) and agroforestry. The numerous animals are very lively and will charm your socks off. Being here was a delight. Also, I hear they are building an elf village along the road for good luck. A must see! “~ E. Facq. April 2023.

Our underground garden

Environment friendly

Our Projects

Self-sufficiency, water conservation, using natural and recycled materials to build the houses for our animals and making ‘hot compost’. Learn all about our different ongoing projects by booking a stay in our fabulous family-size farm gite.

Discover our practical solutions for soil regeneration and water catchment. From using the nutritious manure of our animals to clever systems for collecting rainwater from the roofs. No matter the size and location of your home, you can always take steps to live more self-sufficiently and sustainably!

It’s a serious subject, but at Ferme du Bourdicou we make it fun to learn. And at the end of the day, we are all about soul, muck and animals.

Man on our farm tractor

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Sooty and new feathered friend

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