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Beverley’s Blog will slowly build up, week-by-week, sharing interesting and topical articles, news, views and events. After we have published a few posts we would really appreciate your feedback. Drop us an email and let us know what you think.

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  • Why Wash Eggs

    If there is one topic that almost always results in lengthy discussions and conflicting opinions, it is eggs! And specifically, should eggs be kept in the fridge, and do fresh farm eggs need to be washed? Well, actually the answers depend on where you live.

    Why Wash Eggs
  • Planting Trees

    This year, thanks to the Life Terra project we are planting lots of trees to provide food and shade for our animals, who graze, poop and fertilise the soil. Healthy soil means a healthy planet. It’s that simple.

    Planting Trees
  • Holiday Projects

    Not sure how to keep the kids entertained in the school holidays? Start preparing now so that you are ready for the Easter break. Then plan a few extra projects for the summer and later on in the year.

    Holiday Projects
  • Mud

    Building a house mainly from mud is probably the most enjoyable and healthiest thing I have ever done. Not only were we covered in lovely mud on a daily basis, but we were inhaling all sorts of natural fauna. I can honestly say that getting down and dirty is good for the mind and body!

  • Pesticides

    Taking care of our health is essential. Although we cannot avoid breathing in certain chemical pesticides, we can minimise our intake by washing fruits and vegetables properly before use.

  • Food waste

    Food waste thrown in landfills does not decompose naturally, or return to the Earth as beneficial nutrients, because it lacks the proper conditions. Instead, it rots and produces methane, which is 25 times as potent as carbon dioxide.

    Food waste

Other Relevant Information

How Whale Poop Fights Climate Change

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